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What I am - is never good enough

19 December 1986
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I'm 19 years old from Denmark (Europe - Scandinavian).
I've been diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa when I was around 17. I've had food-issues since I was 14 - a year after my mum got breastcancer. I've never had a safe youth since she got sick. I blamed myself and I've never had anyone to talk about my fear of her dying - not even my parents.

She's not sick anymore and is doing great. Her daughter tho developed an eating disorder and ruined the entire family (or so I think I did).
I've seen 3 psycologists, 3 doctors , 2 psyciatrics (sp) and been to 2 support-groups for young anorectics
I've been threated into IP - but instead I got into OP which I'm still in..

I've gone from anorextic to ed-nos with bulimia tendancies to ednos with anorexic tend. to now where I'm .. yeah between ed-nos w/ anorexic tend and anorexic.

I'm still not ready and willing to recover. I want to be safe I want to get comfort from my family and be treated like a little girl. Sad but I need it more than anything.

I'm gonna study noutrism (sp) in a week for 5.5 years! - ironic huh...?
Vet-school now:D

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